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Hard-To-Place Children


After personally assessing your commitment to adopt, you should ask yourself what kind of child you want. The average couple’s first request for a child is usually made with the hope of getting a healthy, normal infant, somewhat resembling the couple physically and mentally. You may, however, have given some thought to the possibility of adopting a child for whom a home has been hard to find. These children may be sibling groups, or they may be older, emotionally, mentally, or physically handicapped, or of a racial heritage different from that of most of the prospective adoptive parents.

The special needs of “hard-to-place” children should be taken into serious consideration. However, you should not adopt one of these children just because you feel you “ought” to. Any child you adopt must be seen as a source of pleasure — not an occasion for self-righteousness. As the child’s needs are met, your needs should also be satisfied.

Our firm will provide you with referrals to agencies who handle adoptions of children with “special needs.”